French-English bilingual theatre workshops for teenagers from 12 to 18 years old in Courbevoie

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Theatre Workshops for teenagers from 12 to 18 years old in Courbevoie

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Bilingual theatre workshop goals:

  • Discover the theatre experience, with gradual and playful introduction of the English language over the course of the year.
  • Experience and enjoy English ‘in action’, through play and on-stage activities.
  • Offer a non-scholastic, alternative experience of the English language

All our exercises have been developed with the aim of introducing and fostering the qualities integral to a young actor:

  • Working specifically on English language techniques: vocal warm-up (face and vocal chords), tongue twisters, vocabulary focus on the day’s content, listening and repeating with precision in the “passing the sound” exercise.
  • Focus on stage position using English vocabulary. Analysis of “good places” on stage, balancing the space and the notion of ‘focus’.
  • Theatre exercises : working on passions, clay
  • Sculptures: postures, with and without text, adding improvisations; situation improvisations;
  • Creating settings; exchanging gestures (attention to detail, reproduction of actions);
  • Neutral body and movement; crossing the stage ‘on a tightrope’, ‘through a forest’ etc. ; character development; using stimuli (poems, songs, images etc) to create scenes in groups; devising theatre!

A typical workshop’s activities include:

  • A concentration game to bring the group together,
  • Warm ups (body, voice, then theatre),
  • A theatre exercise, tied to the session aims,
  • Each session ends with an opportunity to share in each other’s experiences

Good-natured, respectful participation and constructive suggestions are essential, and children learn to observe, be spectators, and offer positive feedback for their classmates.


Teenagers from 12 to 18.


On Wednesdays from 6:30pm to 8pm.


12 teenagers per group.


Maison de la Famille
12 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud

Buzzer “Salle Polyvalente”.


325€ a year for 26 sessions, excluding 10€ annual membership*.

*Only one membership is required per family.

1st session free of charge!



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