Monsieur Somebody, by Seamus Collins

A bilingual play, in French and English, by Seamus Collins

Directed by Joanne Allan

With Fiamma Bennett, Siva Nagapattinam Kasi, and Guillaume Paulette

Music by Mikayil Quenum

Theatraverse presents Monsieur Somebody, a bilingual (English/French) piece of absurd theatre, written by Northern Ireland’s Seamus Collins. This is a story so false it could almost be true.

Onstage, three characters incarcerated, incarnated by Lecoq-trained actors, recount their biggest cons.

Fiction and reality become one as they fantasise about their transgressions.

What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told? The biggest secret you’ve ever kept?

Claude the fraud is a deliciously despicable Frenchman that we love to hate, hate to love… But who could possibly love Claude?

An absurdly comic tale of betrayal, barbiturates and a brew.

Is this his real life? Is this just treachery? Caught in a web of lies, no escape from reality.

At a time when political and humanitarian crises have become near-normal everyday horrors, Claude’s story is one of just how far a Nobody will go to become a Somebody.


One hour of dark comedy for audiences aged 12+


Théâtre du Voyageur, Asnières-sur-Seine

30th May to 1st June 8.30pm

2nd June 7pm (the playwright will be present for this performance)

3rd June 5pm

Reservations via the Théâtre du Voyageur website, on +33 (0)7 69 05 12 59 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival from 4th to 18th August 2018 (no performance 13th August)

Venue 13, 9.30pm