Monsieur Somebody, by Seamus Collins

A bilingual play, in French and English, by Seamus Collins

Directed by Joanne Allan

With Fiamma Bennett, Siva Nagapattinam Kasi, and Guillaume Paulette

Claude is just a normal guy, like you or me. Except for the lies, that is. A shameless, manipulative fraudster, his crimes make us sick to the stomach. We ought to condemn them. We ought to condemn him. Claude is everything we could never be, should never be, would never be. He is everything we don’t want to be, we shouldn’t want to be, everything we couldn’t possibly be…

Claude’s story has clear parallels with the current human condition. At a time when political and humanitarian crises have become near-normal everyday horrors, Claude’s story is one of just how far a Nobody will go to become a Somebody.

Claude is Nobody… Claude could be Anybody…  Claude is Somebody… 

Performances at the Théâtre du Voyageur, Asnières-sur-Seine

30th May to 1st June 8.30pm, 2nd June 7pm, 3rd June 5pm.

Edinburgh festival from 3rd to 27th August 2018