About our Weekly Workshops

Theatraverse is an association under French law 1901, certified as being a recognised structure for youth and popular education by the DDCS (Social Cohesion of the City of Paris).

The workshops are adapted to the age of the participants.

The following are the objectives of the workshops:

  • Promote the importance of learning a foreign language and make this possibility more accessible to workshop participants.
  • Encourage participants to recognise their existing skills and knowledge.
  • The workshops focus on communication and encourage the students to develop creative and independent thinking with regard to the language studied.
  •  The workshops allow participants to see the world around them, particularly in terms of European culture, whilst all the time encouraging them to recognise the importance of their own cultural identity.
  • The participants work in groups, achieving both a common objective and also looking at their individual role, expressing ideas and opinions.

The sessions that we offer are conceived for and adapted to each group. We have experience working with groups of all ages, from very young actors (3-4 years old) up to adults and everyone in between.

Our occasional workshops are generally linked to the show we are currently touring. However, this is not compulsory, and the content can be adapted to suit the group’s classwork.

Our weekly workshops all share a similar structure :

  • Introduction
  • Physical and/or vocal warm-up
  • Stage warm-up
  • Stage exercises or rehearsal, depending on the timetable
  • Feedback

The weekly workshops, with a performance at the end of the year, follow a structure that enables participants to progress technically before working towards a final performance that we conceive and elaborate together.

Early enrollment for children’s, teenagers’ and adults’ weekly workshops is now open; the venue and time slots will be confirmed shortly.

Prices (indicative)

For 20 - 26 sessions, including an end of year performance (first session free of charge):

5-7 year olds: One hour sessions: 260 euros per year

8-12 year olds: One hour sessions: 260 euros per year

12-18 year olds: One and a half hour sessions: 310 euros per year

Adults: Two hour sessions : 385 euros per year


For more information about the workshops, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +33(0)