Who are we..

Theatraverse is a theatre company working to develop inter-European realtions through the use of linguistic communication both on stage and in our bi-lingual theatre workshops.

We are a group of professional artists who come from a mix of European countries, including the UK, France and Finland, and are motivated by and excited about having some serious fun with our multi-cultural projects.


The location of Theatraverse's home has never been in question; it has always been clear that Paris would be our main residence.

Four years ago, in the city where all the company’s active members met, the seed of inspiration was planted and has been growing – and continues to grow today – to lead to the creation of bilingual theatre. And so Theatraverse was created on the 1st July 2008.

The company is made up of a team of individuals, coming from France, the UK, Algeria and Finland, with a variety of competences, including not simply those with artistic experience in the field of theatre but also administrative, internet and communications specialists. This mix is very important to us and brings diversity to the company; that is without mentioning the need for complementary skills to assure the projects' smooth running.


As for the artistic members, they mostly met at the Ecole Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq, a school in which particular importance is placed on language and physical expression, with studies on the musicality of international poems. This training taught us to work with the constraints of language which we dealt with on a daily basis.