"Lost in Scotland", a Franco-Scottish production

Our first project as an official theatre company was a Franco-Scottish collaboration, about the stereotypes which French people have about Scotland and all things Scottish....

Are they true? What are they missing?


Using language and communication to explore these questions amongst others, writer Isabelle Gilbert, Dijon, spent a year in Scotland discovering and investigating ten different "clichés" on which to base her stories. The resulting book, Clichés Ecossés (and its English translation Scotching Scottish Clichés), was released in November 2009!

The show is based upon a cultural exchange between Scotland and France. The play was performed as a bi-lingual version as this allowed the comprehension of the text and the learning of the language to be accessible to everyone. The short stories could be viewed individually, in groups or as an "uncut" whole. Each act of the show followed a globally coherent line of direction which linked each story and the characters within to the others.

During their exploration of the text, the company employed the physical theatre techniques of bouffon, commedia dell’arte, and the absurd, and paid particular attention to the use of costumes and make-up and the presence of music and dance.

These short stories and on-stage adventures were accompanied by an exhibition of photographs by Theo Olivi, also from Dijon, as well as workshops offering language through drama to students across Scotland and France!